Monday, 19 December 2011

Making FIMO Cakes

I was busy making little necklaces for a local craft sale, and I needed to step up my production, otherwise, I would not have enough to sell.

An idea came to me, and I will never go back to the OLD way of making them again.

First, make a cake out of FIMO. Bottom layer, cream filling and upper layer.

Next, find the sharpest knife (or a razor blade) and slice into pieces.

Voila!  Six perfectly sliced chocolate cream cakes.  
All that is left to do is decorate with strawberries and a blob of cream, attach the chain and varnish.

TA DA!  
Don't they look good enough to eat?

Monday, 21 November 2011


I really do!  I have been playing with FIMO on-and-off for many years.  It's so colourful, and durable, and it allows me to make teeny tiny cute things.
I have made gifts for myself and family members, but this year I have been making things for local craft sales, and for friends of friends for loot bags.

These are my clementine orange magnets.  I made them for Christmas gifts one year.

Here are my Under the Sea, and Night Owl magnets.

This summer, I created Berry Pie Magnets using a bottle cap for the pie plate.

I have made rings

What really seems to be popular are the necklaces

My son wanted something different, so I made him a one-of-a-kind GOLDEN MUSHROOM. 

I wear the coffee cup one.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Forgotten Favourites

Six pairs of shredded-knee pants were patiently waiting in a pile in the corner of my craft room.  They could no longer be ignored, as my son was down to his last 2 pairs of un-holey ones.
Five pairs with the run-of-the-mill denim or canvas patches later, I came across a pair of my own jeans. Forgotten at the bottom of the pile, worked-in and completely comfortable (and still fitting) these old favourites were a really nice surprise.

A regular patch would not do.  These jeans deserve something special.

It started with some beautiful variegated embroidery floss that a friend gave to me, and some old denim from my fabric stash.

And I turned it into three groovy patches.  
I didn't want to use the word "love" or "Peace" (too obvious!) so I used the word PATCH instead.

The "to be repaired" pile is complete.

Time to relax with some coffee.

Out of the drawer and onto the wall

A couple of weekends ago, I found myself on a Sunday afternoon, sans husband and child, at my local Value Village.  I snatched up a fantastic hinged display box with a fabric backing, originally from Pottery Barn.  It looked like it had never been used, except for the dried corsage that was displayed in it.  I knew what I was going to use it for right away.

I've been collecting these colourful patches for quite some time.  One was from a hat we found hiding in the wall while we were doing a repair job on our house, one belonged to my late father-in-law, and one from my dad's old uniform.  Some are used, and some are new. They are all beautiful. They've been stuffed in a drawer in a zip-lock bag for many years, and are undeniably Canadian.

My favourite is the "wear a moustache" patch. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tea Towel Find

My mum called the other day to ask if I had found any good thrifty finds lately.  As a matter of fact, I had.  Earlier that day, I had been in Value Village with a friend looking for wool sweaters that she re-purposes into mittens. See her lovely stuff here

I was not having a good thrifting day, and nothing was inspiring me to re-purpose, or calling my name to purchase.  Then I found them!  Two unwashed, never used, stuffed in a drawer for years, tea-towels.  These will add to my collection of 50+ vintage, much loved tea-towels. 

I love the quality of the cotton/linen used in these types of tea-towels.  They wash and dry beautifully, and truth be told, they are the only items that I actually enjoy ironing.  Weird.

What is really weird is that these 2 thrifty finds represent the two sides of my family.

The side (my side) from ENGLAND...

And my husband's side from SCOTLAND!

It was like these two items were waiting for me to come and spend my $2 on them.

Seven Inch Fry

When I was a young girl, my family had a weekly Wednesday tradition of going roller skating at a local roller rink and then eating at Burger King for dinner.

We would have friendly competitions at dinner with finding the longest french-fry.  My dad always seemed to win with enormous lengths of potatoes.  It wasn't until I was a little older, and perhaps a little less gullible, that I realized that he deceived us by holding two fries together, so that it appeared to be one enormous french-fry.

Now that I have my own family, we have continued the tradition of finding the largest fry.

This photo has not been doctored, and there is no trickery.  Seven inches of pure salty, warm, potatoy deliciousness!

Planking Trio

During last summer, I kept hearing a lot about a new FAD called planking.  The media was crazed about it, as some deaths had occurred due to the competitiveness in the sport, not to mention lack of brain cells.  I was surprised how little I had heard about it lately, and thought wow, that was a short-lived fad.

In early October, I came downstairs early one morning to make some coffee, and sitting on my windowsill, was this lovely display of planking zombie, ghoul and mummy.  Their abs must be strong, as they have been planking long enough to collect the cobwebs.  (yes, they are real)

To learn the definition of planking, see the Urban Dictionary here

Pumpkin Parade

I am a big fan of jack-o-lanterns.  I love the process of making them, and the finished products. Beautiful warm glowing lanterns that light the path for the many trick or treaters on Halloween.
I find it quite sad that they have a limited lifespan.  Between the frost, and the squirrels, and the occasional teenager, they barely make it until the next compost pick-up.

This year, a neighbour told me that I should bring my lanterns the day after Halloween to Sorauren Park.  A night in the park to show off your creations, and wind through the paths completely lined with loads and loads of lit jack-o-lanterns.  The parks team takes all the used lanterns the next morning, and composts them.  

We hauled our pumpkins to the park, and found a space along the path to display and light them. We spent the next hour or so wandering around the park along with hundreds of families admiring the lanterns.  Photos and movies were being filmed, and people were posing with their favourites,  gathering ideas for next year's jack-o-lanterns.

We went back to our 5 jack-o-lantern contributions, to say goodbye, and there was a lady posing beside one of ours saying "I made it".  While I was secretly giggling in the background, my son yells out loud, "you didn't make that one, my mum did!"

Businessman Zombie

Gone are the days of sweet halloween costumes at our house.  No more kitty-cats, and windmills, or cars.  This year he had to be a zombie.  A dead, decaying, filthy, bloody ZOMBIE.  He had decided this costume on the day after Halloween of 2010.  I *sigh* agreed to make it.

We made a sketch, and decided all the things that we wanted this costume to include.  He was going to be a Businessman Zombie. We didn't get into the details of how this businessman died.
We found an old recycled cell phone, and this is how the costume began.
Next we made a trip to the Value Village.  We found a blazer, collar shirt, and a tie.  We also picked up some makeup colours that we were missing, (green and grey) some spray-on grey hair colour, and a tube of gel blood (of course) Total spend $21.
A pair of his own chinos from the "to be repaired pile" completed the look.

Next we got to the distressing.  We slashed, and tore, and splattered with red acrylic paint.  We dragged the clothing behind the wagon, and drove over it with the car.  It was tossed into the middle of the street and we persuaded reluctant and confused drivers to please drive over it.  All the while, my son was squealing with delight.  We smudged it with moss, and smeared it with leaves.
Finally, I sewed on some rubber cockroaches and worms.


He wore it to Beavers for the annual Halloween Party, and all day and all night of Halloween.

He really loved it, and I had fun making it.

Next door, our neighbours spend an enormous amount of time and effort setting up a haunted house and yard.  It is a neighbour destination on Halloween night.  My son hangs out and "helps" them set it up, the whole weekend before Halloween.  He has seen it being built, and knows fully what to expect, but he still cannot bring himself to go in and trick or treat on the big night.

Perhaps there still might be a little kitty-kat inside him.

Catching Up

So it's been a while.

I will place part of the blame on life, and the other part of the blame on my inability to remember my password, and user name for one million different applications in my computer, including this blog.
I've got a system now, and hopefully it will help me to remember.
In the meanwhile, I have a lot of catching up to do.  Get ready for a flurry of posts.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Peace and Quiet

We left the city for some fresh air at a friend's cottage in Gravenhurst.  Two moms and three kids on an outdoor adventure.   Only a two hours drive and a twenty minute boat ride, we arrive at paradise.

Lots of rocks, trees and moss (my favourite) surround us in every direction.   We spotted some "others" on our third day.

Beautiful sunsets in shades of pink and orange.

Lots of tree climbing and toad catching, swimming, canoeing, reading books and baking yummy sticky rolls. Jigsaw puzzles, VHS Disney classics, marshmallow toasting and star gazing in the evenings.

"Bakugan" and "John" in their bucket terrarium.  Can you SPOT them?

Five glorious days later, we crawled home in the traffic, refuelled on chicken nuggets, and returned to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tiny Tea Party

A little friend of mine was celebrating her 5th birthday recently.  I know of her love for tiny things, so I decided to make her a set of Tea Cakes to have with her dolls.

These six sweet cuties were made of FIMO one evening while watching TV.

I found the plate (2" wide) at an enormous garage sale about ten years ago, and it has been waiting for just the right reason to be used.
The chocolate eclair is my favourite cake, and I must confess, that I had to buy the real thing the next day because the craving was just too strong to fight!

My mum e-mailed to say that she wants the same plate of goodies as a fridge magnet.  Come to think of it, so do I.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Felt Cupcakes

Last Christmas, I stumbled upon a tutorial for making felt cupcake pincushions out of 2L pop bottle lids.  I started collecting the lids, and people started collecting them for me.  In no time I had enough of them to get started.  (I never like making one of anything, I seem to like multiples)

They went together easily and were very satisfying to make. There are several steps, yet I could still manage to finish a couple of them at night in front of the TV.

I didn't know too many people that sew, and I enjoyed making them so much, that I decided to embellish them a bit, and turn them into something else.

Christmas Tree ornaments

I have a large jar that I have filled up with various styles of cupcakes ready to give as gifts.  In the meantime, they can just look cute and delicious yet fat free in my living room.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Up-cycled Jammer Bag

I received as a gift, a tote bag made of foil drink pouches.  It was hand-made and is colourful and cool, and it is an incredibly strong bag. I use it all the time for groceries.  

I thought that I would try my hand at making one or two.  
It was in my brain, and fully formed...I had to make the bags NOW!!!

I needed the materials
  • foil bags (lots of them!!) The tote bag needed 18 and the flap bag needs 10.  Start collecting ASAP!  No Frill's has it $1.88/10 this week
  • strapping.  I removed strapping from a bag that had ripped, and it was blue and perfect
  • Velcro.  In my sewing kit.

I was on the lookout for the foil pouches.  At the park, I asked complete strangers for their "garbage" and they handed it over willingly.  
I bring the drinks to gatherings with friends and their kids, so that I can take home the foil pouches. 
My son never drank it before my obsession. I'm buying the drink so I can have the trash.  
Is that really recycling?  perhaps not
The washing and drying of the pouches is the hardest part, and almost discouraged me from completing the project.  It stalled my creativity and the project.  UGH!
My finished bags still have a faint smell of it's former contents.

The foil pouches are really nice to work with, the material folds nicely, yet doesn't dent when un-folded.  The zigzag sewing was easy and satisfying on the machine.   

I really love the result!  

The tote bag needs to have some strapping along the top of the bag, as the pouches are a little sharp.  Not sharp - pointy.  A little irritating on the inside of the arm.  Will do this weekend.
The Tote bag will serve as a small shopping bag, or shoe bag, or whatever bag.  The flap bag was made specifically to house my old - now my sons "new" Game Boy & Accessories Bag.

Next bag, or basket, or placemat (still deciding) will have a more mature theme with these foil pouches.

I'm not going to wash these pouches, because they smell FANTASTIC!!