Friday, 30 March 2012

The Big 40!

My husband's 40th birthday was last weekend.  He didn't want a party, he didn't want any fuss, he didn't want any mention of it.  He's a bit like Don Draper was on his 40th.

I decided to make a birthday boy banner/bunting, and hang it in the dining room.
The theme: The old West

I dragged out my stash, decided on the right fabrics, and got to work.




Of course I got a little carried away, and made entirely too much bias.  I do love making it though.  It blows my mind that a 22" by 22" piece of fabric will produce nearly 19 feet of bias. 
I'll keep it in my cupboard for another project. 

I blew up a cowboy font on my printer, and made a pattern for the letters, and sewed all the triangles together with the bias.

In the real old west, the sunshine and dust and dirt would have weathered the birthday banner.  In real life the banner needed a little help from Exacto-knives, sandpaper, teabags and a lighter.

 This part was fun!

I made a badge that my husband was asked to wear when we went out for his birthday brunch.
He was a little embarrassed, but I think you've got to do some things out of your comfort zone in order to enjoy life.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bed for Dudley

This is Dudley.  He is my mother-in-law's dog, and he is very much loved. Here he is, sitting poolside in Florida, sporting a kerchief that he got on his last visit to the groomers.

I have been collecting the kerchiefs for over one year, waiting for their chance to be refashioned.  After I had collected about 14 of them, they were washed and pressed, and cut up into 2 1/2 " squares.

I found a lovely green pillowcase from Value Village for $1.00 and made some bias tape.  I joined all the little squares together, quilted and attached it to the back of the pillowcase, and finished the edges with the bias tape.

Here you have it, a washable, up-cycled, colourful doggie bed.  
Doggie bed may not be the best description.  It is a pillowcase, that the dog's pillow fits into.  It can be washed whenever it is needed, and the pillow fits perfectly into his crate.

I had some squares remaining from this project, so I made Dudley a toy with a bell in it.  I used EVERY SINGLE square up, not one square remains!

It is waiting for him when he comes back from his holiday.