Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tea Towel Find

My mum called the other day to ask if I had found any good thrifty finds lately.  As a matter of fact, I had.  Earlier that day, I had been in Value Village with a friend looking for wool sweaters that she re-purposes into mittens. See her lovely stuff here

I was not having a good thrifting day, and nothing was inspiring me to re-purpose, or calling my name to purchase.  Then I found them!  Two unwashed, never used, stuffed in a drawer for years, tea-towels.  These will add to my collection of 50+ vintage, much loved tea-towels. 

I love the quality of the cotton/linen used in these types of tea-towels.  They wash and dry beautifully, and truth be told, they are the only items that I actually enjoy ironing.  Weird.

What is really weird is that these 2 thrifty finds represent the two sides of my family.

The side (my side) from ENGLAND...

And my husband's side from SCOTLAND!

It was like these two items were waiting for me to come and spend my $2 on them.

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