Friday, 18 November 2011

Forgotten Favourites

Six pairs of shredded-knee pants were patiently waiting in a pile in the corner of my craft room.  They could no longer be ignored, as my son was down to his last 2 pairs of un-holey ones.
Five pairs with the run-of-the-mill denim or canvas patches later, I came across a pair of my own jeans. Forgotten at the bottom of the pile, worked-in and completely comfortable (and still fitting) these old favourites were a really nice surprise.

A regular patch would not do.  These jeans deserve something special.

It started with some beautiful variegated embroidery floss that a friend gave to me, and some old denim from my fabric stash.

And I turned it into three groovy patches.  
I didn't want to use the word "love" or "Peace" (too obvious!) so I used the word PATCH instead.

The "to be repaired" pile is complete.

Time to relax with some coffee.

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  1. Oh I LOVE them ALL. And especially your clean room! I'll be over for a cuppa da once!