Sunday, 10 July 2011

Felt Cupcakes

Last Christmas, I stumbled upon a tutorial for making felt cupcake pincushions out of 2L pop bottle lids.  I started collecting the lids, and people started collecting them for me.  In no time I had enough of them to get started.  (I never like making one of anything, I seem to like multiples)

They went together easily and were very satisfying to make. There are several steps, yet I could still manage to finish a couple of them at night in front of the TV.

I didn't know too many people that sew, and I enjoyed making them so much, that I decided to embellish them a bit, and turn them into something else.

Christmas Tree ornaments

I have a large jar that I have filled up with various styles of cupcakes ready to give as gifts.  In the meantime, they can just look cute and delicious yet fat free in my living room.

1 comment:

  1. love the new fruit theme and how it's attached with the innards of the fruit instead of stitched around the edge.
    nice to see you back here!