Sunday, 10 July 2011

Felt Cupcakes

Last Christmas, I stumbled upon a tutorial for making felt cupcake pincushions out of 2L pop bottle lids.  I started collecting the lids, and people started collecting them for me.  In no time I had enough of them to get started.  (I never like making one of anything, I seem to like multiples)

They went together easily and were very satisfying to make. There are several steps, yet I could still manage to finish a couple of them at night in front of the TV.

I didn't know too many people that sew, and I enjoyed making them so much, that I decided to embellish them a bit, and turn them into something else.

Christmas Tree ornaments

I have a large jar that I have filled up with various styles of cupcakes ready to give as gifts.  In the meantime, they can just look cute and delicious yet fat free in my living room.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Up-cycled Jammer Bag

I received as a gift, a tote bag made of foil drink pouches.  It was hand-made and is colourful and cool, and it is an incredibly strong bag. I use it all the time for groceries.  

I thought that I would try my hand at making one or two.  
It was in my brain, and fully formed...I had to make the bags NOW!!!

I needed the materials
  • foil bags (lots of them!!) The tote bag needed 18 and the flap bag needs 10.  Start collecting ASAP!  No Frill's has it $1.88/10 this week
  • strapping.  I removed strapping from a bag that had ripped, and it was blue and perfect
  • Velcro.  In my sewing kit.

I was on the lookout for the foil pouches.  At the park, I asked complete strangers for their "garbage" and they handed it over willingly.  
I bring the drinks to gatherings with friends and their kids, so that I can take home the foil pouches. 
My son never drank it before my obsession. I'm buying the drink so I can have the trash.  
Is that really recycling?  perhaps not
The washing and drying of the pouches is the hardest part, and almost discouraged me from completing the project.  It stalled my creativity and the project.  UGH!
My finished bags still have a faint smell of it's former contents.

The foil pouches are really nice to work with, the material folds nicely, yet doesn't dent when un-folded.  The zigzag sewing was easy and satisfying on the machine.   

I really love the result!  

The tote bag needs to have some strapping along the top of the bag, as the pouches are a little sharp.  Not sharp - pointy.  A little irritating on the inside of the arm.  Will do this weekend.
The Tote bag will serve as a small shopping bag, or shoe bag, or whatever bag.  The flap bag was made specifically to house my old - now my sons "new" Game Boy & Accessories Bag.

Next bag, or basket, or placemat (still deciding) will have a more mature theme with these foil pouches.

I'm not going to wash these pouches, because they smell FANTASTIC!!

The evolution of the ball

I've wanted to make a soft ball that can be tossed around the house, and not do too much damage.
I found several patterns on line, and started my quest to make the perfect house friendly ball.


Although the 8 pieces were all the same size, and sewed as accurately as possible, they would not meet at the top, and I had to put the black eye on top to cover the error.
Although it does look good, it wasn't what I had in mind, so I had to move on to the next ball pattern.


I found this pattern, and decided to test it out using the felt colour I had the most of.  Orange won!
I love the way all six sides meet at the top, nice and neat, but I am not happy with the itsy-bitsy uneven stitches.  My friend told me I'd go blind if I continued stitching that small, and I snapped out of it, and moved onto the next ball.  I plan to turn them into pumpkins and Jack o lanterns for Halloween.


 I changed the colour of thread with each seam, and tried to increase the stitch size (I found that difficult to do)

I am finally happy with my daddy, mummy and baby balls.

I reduced the mummy ball to 70%, and baby is 30% of the original pattern size (daddy).

I snapped and sent a photo of this trio to my Mother-in-law, and she sent it to a friend, and that friend placed an order for a set of balls for a baby gift.
How exciting!

After taking these photos, I decided that the balls looked nice in this white bowl, so I set them out under the umbrella in the back garden.

There was a terrible wind storm, and the next morning I had to go hunting for them.  It took a long time, and sadly I lost 3 of them  :(

They have not been seen since.

Always bring your balls in at night.