Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Appreciation Luncheon

The other day, some ladies and I from the school, were invited to an appreciation luncheon.
It was held at a local high school, and it was really nice to
a) be appreciated
b) meet the other breakfast club ladies in our area
c) not have to make lunch

It was very civilized as the culinary students made and served chicken and rice, and salad with a yummy dressing, and fresh rolls with real butter.  Fresh fruit for dessert.

As a parting gift, we were given a little basket with the dry ingredients and recipe for a friendship bread.

All I had to do was add the wet ingredients, and pop it in the oven.

My friend called the house and told me to get on it, as it was really good.  She was right!

We had an option of adding apples, bananas or any other fruit.  I added bananas as I always have a stash of frozen "overripe" bananas in my freezer.  

I had to snap this photo really quickly, as the friendship bread was disappearing fast!

It is so nice to be appreciated, why not tell someone that you appreciate them today?

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