Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Stool Makeover

My Nana and Gramps gave me their bedroom furniture that they received for a wedding gift, many, many years ago.  There is a gentleman's chest and a ladies dressing table. I love the set, but I am really in love with the dressing table.  Ever since, I have been searching for the perfect seat to tuck under the table.

A couple of years ago, I found a stool sitting at the side of the road, just waiting for the garbage truck to come.  I couldn't resist, and although I did not take a photo, it was a little reminiscent of this lovely 70's - style cap, only in vinyl, and extremely ragged.  I grabbed  it up, and immediately stripped it of it's outer shell and stuffing and stored it in my basement  - a naked wooden box with legs.

A feather pillow that was very uncomfortable to lay my head on, was refashioned into a new cushion for the stool, and a "branded" fleece blanket that was found at the back of my linen cupboard was attached to make it soft and comfy.  Now it just needed a cover.

I was helping a friend clear out her sewing room, and was paid in fabric!!  Inspired by the beautiful blue shades, and mixing in a few of my own fabrics, I was able to piece together the scraps to make a slipcover.

Life gets in the way, and there the unfinished slipcover sat in my sewing room, waiting to be completed.
Every time that the inspiration struck me to complete it, I found my kitty curled up as comfy as could be on my stool.  The third time that this happened I gave her a nudge, and sent her on her way.

Here it is complete!  A slipcover that can be removed and washed when needed. 
 I made it a "fooler" type slipcover to look like it has a cushion.